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Dating Arab Women

Arab dating can be complicated. Even if you are also an Arab, the woman you date may have had a very different upbringing and her expectations for a relationship and an Arab marriage may be different from your own. Consider her religion, where she grew up and her current situation as you try to determine the best way to impress her. An Arab woman who grew up in a very conservative family will have different expectations than one whose upbringing was more Western. Keep these tips in mind when dating an Arab woman.


  1. Listen to her.  The best way to impress any woman is to listen to her. Ask questions about her childhood, her family and her hopes and dreams for the future. Show her that you want to really get to know her and that you value her opinion. 
  2. Respect her boundaries. Many Arab women grow up with certain expectations regarding the role of physical affection prior to marriage. Whether you date a conservative or modern woman, she will let you know how much physical contact she is comfortable with at each stage of the relationship. Respect her wishes if you hope to sustain her interest.
  3. Impress her family. In some countries Arab singles are given much more freedom than they had in the past. You might date for quite some time before meeting her mother and father. On the other hand, her family may expect you to ask permission from her father before taking her out at all. No matter when you meet her family, dress your best and be ready to show them why you are a good match for their daughter.


If you are seeking an Arab wife, consider careful what traits are the most important to you. Don’t forget that she will be looking for certain things, too. Do everything you can to make yourself a good match by showing respect for her boundaries, opinions and family. © 2002-2019